We'll Dance Our Way Out Of The Womb

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All The World A Dancefloor

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Deeper Into Movies (Buttons, Socks, Teddy Bears & Mittens)

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The Most Needed Love In The World

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The Most Beautiful Smell We Have Ever Known

I Want To Be A Part Of The Sum Of Your World

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We All Feel Better In The Dark

We Are Special In Other Ways

If I Could Change, Maybe I Would

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Billie Sings The Blues And Everything Matters

Is That All There Is?

Watching The World Go By A Little At A Time

Be Mad, Be Rash, Smoke and Explode, Resist Or Move On

Untitled (Outdated Sadness)

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I Haven't Been Heard From In Days

Suggested Reading To Someone I Love

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The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils

I See Rebellion In Your Future

Do The Revolution (With Me)

We Won't Vote Conservative!

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I Am What I Play

Love Manifesto

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Heartbreaker (Why I Love Johnny Depp)

People Who Love Other People

I Like To Know Things Will End

Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 2099

Wait Awhile Until I Can Find My Smile

I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal But I'm Going To Be A Diamond Someday

I'm Always There, You're Always Elsewhere

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Untitled (No Flow)

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You Make My World A Better Place To Find

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The Saddest Sounds I Can Imagine

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You Make Me Sit Alone By The Telephone And I Don't Mind

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Untitled (We Get Along Like A House On Fire)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Why Can't I Cry Anymore?)

Untitled (You're Too Little, Too Late And We're Still All Alone)

The Pop Charts In Switzerland (They Don't Like To Fight)

Space Is Gonna Do Us Good

I Would Give You The Air You Breath

Is It Good For The Soul To Love Something You Can't Control?

I've Chosen You To Make This Covenant

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Untitled (Sweetness I Was Only Joking)